Live, Laugh, Love



When I went to my friends house for fourth of july, we stayed up all night. We were listening to the radio then we went outside to look at the fireworks. After that we went and played outside for a while, then we went inside and listened to the radio for a little while. A little while later, my friends dad came in and said that we had to go to bed. My friend and I did not want to go to bed! So we said fine we will go to bed, so we climed up in her bunk bed and prtended to go to sleep. We stayed there for a little while longer, just until all of the parents were outside. We climed out of bed we shhut her door and then we turned on the light and we started making little fourth of  july posters, we heard someone come inside we ran and turned off the light, my friend hid behind the door and I got in her bunk bed and we acted like we were sleep. My dad and her dad walked into her room and got her radio, my friends dad looked at her and he thought she was a ghost. When they left the house me and my friend got up turned on the lights shut the door and started working. After every parent went to bed me and my friend got some tape and we got all the posters, we went into the hallway and started taping the posters to the wall then we did the kitchen. My friends mom got up but we didnt have time to run, then her mom asked us what we were doing we said that we were making fourth of july posters, unfortunitly she made us take them all down. We were mad.


It was a saturday night, my two neighbors were over at my house and so were my cousins and my brother. We wanted to play spot light in our frontyard.We got a flashlight and my cousin was it. We all ran and hid, while my cousin was counting. He said here I come, we were all silent. He shined it right on me but he didnt see me, then he shined it on one of my nieghbors that was laying on the fence post, he saw him he said I found you!Now my nieghbor was it, so we all ran and hid while my nieghbor was counting. He said ready or not here I come! He had found me, I went and counted while every one hid I herd some giggling up on the hill. I shown the flashlight up on the top of the hill I saw some eyes then I had found my brother. This time I hid under my trampoline with my cousin, we waited there a couple of minutes we didnt here any body, me and my cousin went back to my house to see where they had gone they were at my house and they had ditched us!


When my friend came over to my house, she came on a Friday and stayed the night and she brought her littlest pet shop. We made homes and jobs for the littlest pet shops, and since I didnt have any she let me borrow some of hers since she had a lot of littlest pet shops! That night we watched the movie Babe Ruth the famous baseball player then we ate popcorn and ate icecream then finally we went to bed. In the morning we got up before everyone else and we started messing with my brother, then we wanted to play littlest pet shop so we did. After wee didn't want to play any more we went into the kitchen and started making waffles, but not for anyone else. After we ate breakfast my mom and my brother and everyone else got up, a little while later our 11 year old neighbor Chace came to our house because he is going to go to my Grandad's dear lease.