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Fun Things To Do When There Is Nothing To Do 


 When there is nothing to do have a sleepover with your friends. Here is some things that you and your friends will enjoy doing at sleepovers! You can get some stickers and cardboard or whatever you have to decorate and go crazy. You can put blind folds on each other and try to put makeup on each other while blind folded. You can order pizzas and eat icecream all night long, maybe turn off all the lights tell scary stories. You can walk around the house blind folded maybe eat some popcorn and watch movies

Party Time!

Write your favorite song, your favorite TV show,and whatever else you can think of then write it all down on a piece of paper then ask your friend to try to guess your favorite TV show and whatever you came up with.


When my cousin and I come to my house we go in our donkey pin and we make a bunch of noise and then we hide, then when a car pulls out of their driveway we hide from it. When a lot of people our at my house me and my cousin dress up in black and we wait until night falls when a lot of people are in my backyard me and my cousin sneak into my backyard, but we have to make sure that the dogs dont find us or else they will come up and bark and then they will give up our hiding places. Once when my friend, my cousin and I were playing spy's at my house and I was wearing a black leopard shirt with black legings and my freind was wearing black everything and so was my cousin, then my brother saw us and he thought that I was a dog and my friend and my cousin were rhobers, and then he told my other cousin what he saw then me my friend and my cousin came out of our hiding spots then my brother told us what he thought we were. The best time to spy is at night!