Live, Laugh, Love



My Little Brother

          My brother Keaton is really annoying. Here are some stories that I would like to tell you, about me and my brother:
Keaton my brother cannot stop picking on me, not even for 5 minutes!
         Once we were at H-E-B and we were riding in a little car that has a shopping cart on the top of it, well one time we were riding in one and a lady walked in front of us and my brother yelled, " Get out of the way maniac!" At that point I was so imbarrased that I started laughing, and so did my brother.
                                     Strong Girl
         One day we were in the car and I was so mad at my brother because he wouldn't stop picking on me and kicking me that when we got out of the truck I went and pinned him down on the ground right in front of his friends. My knee was digging into his back and my hand was on the back of his head pushing it down so that it would be like he was about to eat dirt. His friends laughed and laughed at him because a girl tackeled him down.
                               New Horse
          When we got our 3rd horse me and my dad were the only ones who knew about it, not my brother. When he first saw our new horse he thought that it was my other horse Bonnie and he said," DAD! What did you do to Bonnie!"   " We were washing her and we put bleach on her and it turned her white." My dad said," Oh my gosh! Why'd you do that!" Then he saw Bonnie and he said," Oh no. We got another horse!" After that he went inside, mad.
           I have a german shepherd named Scout, and he is really big and crazy. One day my dad, my brother, and I were playing baseball in the front yard and Scout was out. Well, my brother had the ball and Scout ran after him trying to get the ball. He did get the ball and he knocked over my brother, he also sat on him. My dad and I stood there laughing and laughing.